Investigative Genetic Genealogy Services

This list has been compiled from the ISOGG wiki and other sources. If you would like your organization added to the list, please contact us.

▪️ AdvanceDNA. The genetic genealogists on the team are Cheryl Hester and Amanda Reno

▪️ Bode Technology. The investigative genetic genealogy services team is led by Melinde Lutz Byrne

▪️ DNA Cold Cases. Founded by Joel Chambers and Dwight Brooks.

▪️ DNA Doe Project. A not-for-profit organization founded by Margaret Press and Colleen Fitzpatrick which specializes in the use of whole genome sequencing to identify John and Jane Does.

▪️ DNA Labs International. Founded by Kirsten Charlson

▪️ Eagle Investigative Services. Founded by James E. Carsten and provides Forensic Genealogy and Forensic Genetic Genealogy services.

▪️ Gene by Gene. The investigative genetic genealogy unit is led by Barbara Rae-Venter Barbara and her Firebird Forensics team.

▪️ Identifinders. Founded by genetic genealogist Colleen Fitzpatrick. Also mentioned is Andrew Yeiser

▪️ Innovative Forensic. A company led by Jennifer Moore and Christa Stalcup

▪️ Kin Finder Group Founded by Myles B Caggins. Angela Trammel is a co-researcher.

▪️ Othram. David Mittelman is the founder and CEO. In house forensic genealogy lead/s are unknown.

▪️ Parabon Nanolabs. A company specializing in “next generation therapeutics and forensics”. The Chief Genetic Genealogist is CeCe Moore.

▪️ Private Investigations Genetic Genealogy. A service led by licensed private investigator Stephanie Wyatt.

▪️ Redgrave Research. Founded by genetic genealogists Anthony Lukas Redgrave & Lee Bingham Redgrave

▪️ Saber Investigations. The principal investigator is Kevin Lord.

▪️ Touchstone Genealogical Services. Founded by genealogist Jennifer Randolph and provides familial and investigative genetic genealogy services.

▪️ United Data Connect. Founded by Mitch Morrissey. The company offers both familial searching and investigative genealogy services. One of the known genealogists is Joan Hanlon.

Please note: With the high demand for investigative genetic genealogy services, there will be many new IGG startup companies in the months and years to come. While most of these companies will be reputable, there is always a chance that someone will not adhere to the same ethical standards as others.

We’ve done our best to research the organizations listed above, but there are currently no standard qualifications for IGG, we can’t guarantee that everyone on this list is reputable. Please be sure to evaluate each group yourself and ask for references if you’re uncertain.